Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We've been posting some links on Facebook recently to various websites that have information about trafficking and other related issues and we thought we would repost them here for non-Facebook users.

Check out this blog post about a village outside Phnom Penh where Hard Places Community is working. Very hard and dark realities.
Silent Images

A recent special about sex-trafficking in Cambodia by America's Most Wanted.
America's Most Wanted

Kimberly stopped by The Body Shop in the mall to ask them more about their anti-trafficking efforts. She was impressed with what they are doing. The Body Shop

Check out this article about Hillary Clinton's recent visit to a Cambodian aftercare facility. Clinton

A friend of ours recently blogged about the book Sold. We highly recommend it as well! Sold

Check out this free documentary about trafficking in India and Nepal. The Day My God Died