Friday, December 18, 2015

Walking together

A reflection by Becki

This week we visited the site where some dear Cambodian friends and co-workers are building their first home. Their eyes were filled with excitement and anticipation as they described the house - where the kitchen will stand, how big the bedroom will be and so much more. They are putting down roots in a community and trusting the Lord to meet them in that place. It was a sacred moment to stand with them amid the stacks of bricks, pipes and cement and pray for what is to come.

As I reflect on this time with our friends, I am filled with such wonder. I am amazed at how the Lord has given me the privilege of sharing life with the staff of Rahab's House School. Over the last five years, I have witnessed countless marriages, births, deaths, illnesses, new houses, homes burned to the ground and more beauty and pain than I can begin to describe.  I have walked with friends and they have walked with me. And life has been better and richer for these relationships.

"Friends love through all kinds of weather,
    and families stick together in all kinds of trouble." 
Proverbs 17:17

This house is just the next chapter in their beautiful story.