Friday, July 30, 2010

Albuquerque and the Petrified Forest

On Wednesday, we drove from Albuquerque to Becki's parent's house in Prescott, AZ.

Saying goodbye to Cami (in picture) and her mom, Judy (taking the picture) at their house in Albuquerque. Thanks for a wonderful two days in New Mexico!

Becki and Rachel at one of the overlooks at the Painted Desert.

Kimberly's camera takes amazing filtered pictures!

Kimberly with a giant piece of petrified wood.

Bailey had to look at the Painted Desert too :)

We are enjoying time with Becki's parents and will be speaking to their church's mission board tomorrow. Our weekend will be quite full with that meeting, another one tomorrow night, and a church potluck on Sunday.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunset in Texas and now New Mexico!

Here is the beautiful sunset that we saw on the way back from having dinner with our friend from China, Holly, on Sunday night.

We made it safely to New Mexico! Today we made it a day trip up to Santa Fe. One of the not-so-serious goals for this road trip is to see as many state capitols buildings as possible. Here's our first picture.

Becki, Kimberly and Rachel in front of the Santa Fe capitol building.

The southwestern architecture is so different from the rest of the country.

Right before we left, we visited the cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi.

The doors were beautifully carved out of wood.

A wonderful picture of Christ being the light of world!

Tomorrow morning we are hoping to get an early start so we can see the Petrified Forest, arrive safely to Becki's parent's house, and then speak to their church's youth group in the evening.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hello friends,

We're currently in a Starbucks in Fort Worth, Texas. It seems to be a trend. Maybe Starbucks will be our home away from home (away from home away from home...) for a while. Our time with the Hogsett's in MO was productive and fun. Packing up the car was something that could be called fun. That is, if you were someone who thinks that packing a car trunk is fun. But it all fit!
(Bailey is a bit of an anxious dog in the car).
And then we were off to Texas! Through Oklahoma - no one broke out into song, unfortunately.

Texas has been GREAT! Our hosts are made of gold and it's been just wonderful to reconnect with old and good friends, share our hearts, and gain new friends in this adventure. What a tremendous blessing!

We're off to Albuquerque Monday morning.
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