Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June visitors

This summer is quite busy for us -- report cards and teacher training is this week, summer school is starting next week, we are getting ready to move houses (July 28th!) so we can be closer to our work, and we have lots of visitors coming to serve with us and other organizations here in Phnom Penh.  The first set of visitors comes from the school in Tianjin where Becki, Kimberly and Rachel met.  You can read all about the team's adventures here.    

Alicia and Keli, the fearless team leaders

Michaila, Christy and Brianna, the awesome students

The newly renovated back lot in Svay Pak (contrast it with the picture in this post)

The team painted our teacher workroom (and got a bit messy in the process :)

Many of the students at our school come from families whose housing is a boat on the river 

Sunday School fun at a countryside church

The children showing off their crafts

The beautiful Cambodian land (a rice field that will be planted once the rains come)