Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas around Cambodia

Recently two of our dear friends from China, Jessi and Molly, came to visit.  While they were here, we travelled around the country by car.  Below are some pictures of our trip together!

First, we spent Christmas Day at the beach.  Here's Becki at sunset
Then we traveled back to Phnom Penh...but first we met this van full of brooms on the highway
Here's something you don't see in the States...this little piggy is off to market
Our hotel had the world's largest treadmill.  We were all able to run on it at the same time!

We enjoyed a day of exploring the temples of Angkor Wat

School girls enjoying a bike ride through the peaceful countryside

Riding a bamboo train in Battambang...train is a very loose word for this form of transportation.  Read about the history of this train here

Disessemblying our cart as we meet another group